Send Free Mobile SMS by Twitter

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Send Free Mobile Sms by Twitter : Do you have any twitter account? Do you like to send free sms in Bangladesh or worldwide? Now you can send unlimited SMS to any friends and follower of your twitter account. Before sending free sms, you must make sure that Your mobile notification service is on of your twitter account and You must follow the person you want to send the sms .

Send Free Mobile SMS by Twitter 

Today, I am going to publish the tricks to Send Free Mobile Sms by Twitter. To do that follow the instructions below:

1. You must have a Twitter account .
2. Log in to your twitter account or Sign up for free.
3. Then Go to : and active your mobile number as image below

4. Then active your phone by sending an SMS to 9594 or as the instruction of Twitter .

5. All steps should be done both for the person you want send sms . 

6. Then Log in to your account and search for the person and follow the user . you want to send sms as the photo below

7. Then you will find a menu named "Send a direct Message" as the image below .

9. Then type the SMS and send it, The person will get the SMS shortly .

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